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 "How To Raise Money For Your Organization In A Fun & Entertaining Way With Video Horse Racing"

"The Crowd loved it and thought you were an amazing caller...the interaction with the crowd was wonderful [and] I a had a ton of compliments on how your enthusiasm was great. Pier [the fire hall manager] has had many races in that venue and has said that you were the best he has ever seen."

Darby Zerbini--Westmoreland Rotary Club

Dear Friend,

Do you want to learn how to raise funds for your organization with a video horse race? My name is Jason Christopher and I can help. I have developed a fun evening out for Pittsburgh fundraiser organizations that is guaranteed to make your participants have fun at the same time.

"We exceeded our revenue projection by a large percentage and much of that credit goes to you. Thank you again for all of your help in making the fundraiser the most successful in our history"

Bill Ruhe, Pine Richland Women's Lacrosse Booster Club  

The following information should answer the basic questions you have in regard to organizing and operating a fantastic evening of entertainment but my free info kit will give you the full details.

The races program is very much like being at the track, with a couple of exceptions:

1.       The races are on film--Actually, DVD using state-of-the-art HD projectors--If your race caller still uses 8 MM film, WATCH OUT! Your guests that paid good money to come to your event may not be able to even see the races since they're such poor quality!

"The races were so clear and could be seen by everyone and you were announcing them so well."

Jamie Kepple Midway St. Clair VFD Ladies Auxilary President

2.       The bet is on WIN ONLY--There is no PLACE or SHOW bet.

3.       The odds are determined by the amount of winners in each race.  

4.  People place a wager on which horse they think will win each of the 10 races.

I also have some other great fundraising ideas that I've collected over the past number of years doing this to help make your fundraiser even better that is included when you decide to book my services. 

"I just started to look over some of the ideas for raising more money and I LOVE IT! Thanks for everything."

Jody Lenhart, Butler Football Boosters

I have a FREE information kit for you NOW. Fill out the online form below or call my 24 hour toll free recorded message line at 1-888-255-0662 for details. You can also email me at: jasonATmakemoneywithraces.com FOR QUICKEST SERVICE  Fill out the form below (all fields in bold are required--Your Kit will be rushed out to you via 1st Class Mail and email): 

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 Thanks so much and I look forward to helping you raise a lot of money for your cause!

Jason Christopher

P.S. Just for requesting information, I'll send you a copy of the report "The 9 Biggest Mistakes Organizations Make When Hiring Their Race Caller...And How To Avoid Them!". Warning! Don't hire your next race caller until you read this shocking report. 

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