“Discover A Brand New Breakthrough Way To Immediately Increase Your Employee Productivity ... Guaranteed!”

 Jason Christopher, the Info-Tainer reveals the secret to make your next presentation the best ever.

“Jason, you did an excellent job at the roundtable meeting today. I had a lot of people complimenting your demonstration. [You were] very well spoken, captivated the audience and kept it brief to accommodate the rest of the meeting. The performance tied in very well with the presentation and it was right to the agenda. The supervisors and managers were very impressed with the presentation. You were very well organized and your attention to detail was refreshing.” 

Kim Campbell and Troy Lemley, LSI

Dear Event Planner,

As office managers and business owners, we all want the same thing: We want our employees and sales crew to accomplish more in less time and increase productivity. Quite frankly, in this time of economic uncertainty, it’s getting tougher and tougher to increase profits. The good news is…there’s something you can do about it!

My name is Jason Christopher. I’m a professional speaker, sales entertainer and motivator with over 25 years of experience. I specialize in creating programs that are specifically designed to help your staff achieve more in less time. 

My Amazing No-Risk Offer To Your Company!

My “Mind Power Unleashed” presentation utilizes a unique combination of audience involvement, comedy, visual aids and success secrets to help illustrate proven motivation and success strategies.

Your executives and staff will discover:

· How to achieve more in less time

· the real power of no B.S. goal setting

· time management made easy

· and much more in a fun and memorable way.

Your staff will discover all this and MUCH more during my electrifying presentation “Mind Power Unleashed”. 

ALRIGHT, I want to make my company employees achieve more in less time. Give me the details. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO?

Whether you need a speaker immediately, in the future or are just curious, I urge you to order my FREE MIND POWER INFORMATION KIT. It will give you full details on this 100% risk-free program, referrals from my enthusiastic clients, and information on how we can work together to increase productivity at your office, guaranteed. Call my 24-HOUR TOLL-FREE RECORDED MESSAGE today at (888) 255-0662. You can also email me at jnork@comcast.net  or Jason@bookjasonchristopher.net and I'll rush you out the information ASAP.

Yours for increased productivity, 

Jason Christopher 

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