Finally, a Presentation That Will Make Your Next Meeting The Most Productive And Exciting Ever!”  

A breakthrough meeting presenter that combines education with entertainment and is guaranteed to make your meeting dynamic…  

Picture this.  Your people have assembled for the first meeting of the day.  

They’re bleary eyed, tired and really don’t want to spend time in a meeting.

 You announce that a special guest speaker is going to kick-off the meeting by talking about the “psychological implications of motivation on performance”.  You can almost hear the collective groan and feel everyone tighten up as they brace for another boring presentation. 

Then Something Amazing Happens…

You introduce the “psychologist” who, after confirming everyone’s worst fears with a brief scientific opening, completely shifts gears and for the next 60 minutes teaches them proven success strategies using magic, mind reading, and humor to illustrate each point!

 Everyone is motivated, invigorated, and involved!  You have completely transformed their state of mind with something new and unusual.  They’re excited and alert for the rest of the meeting. 

Edu-tainment—The Ultimate Teaching Tool

Corporate speaker and entertainer Eric Paul’s combination of education with entertainment is something he calls “edu-tainment”.  Your people are going to be motivated and learn valuable success strategies in a fun and exciting way.  Your individualized corporate message is weaved within the program and your employees will go away totally empowered and ready to produce! 

The Perfect Presentation For Your Next Meeting

Mind Magic is a fast paced program guaranteed to make your meeting incredibly dynamic.  If you want to make your next meeting really memorable, motivational and productive, contact us TODAY!  There is NO Obligation.  We will happily set-up a time when we can meet to go over your goals and expectations.

  Thanks for your interest in my unique multi-media, productivity and team-building presentation can make your next meeting incredibly productive and empower your employees to succeed in these trying times.

 When we work together, I guarantee that:

 · Your guests will learn important, career-changing concepts.

· You will get dynamic training that will fit into your budget.

· You will have fun and get compliments about your choice of instruction.

 I’d love to work with you on your next meeting and help you make it unforgettable.  Please give us a call at 888-255-0662 or email me at to set up a live demonstration or have me fax you a proposal based on your individual needs.

 Yours in success,


 Jason Christopher—Corporate Speaker & Trainer