"Who Else Wants To Make Their School Assembly So Much Fun And Educational That Students Will Talk About Them For Months Afterward?"

Speaker and Entertainer Jason Christopher reveals the secret to make your next assembly amazing, guaranteed!

Getting your students to sit still for 35 to 60 minutes is hard enough. Tying to get them to actually LEARN something from a boring speaker is almost impossible. Fortunately, there is something you can do about it.

“…you had the students literally entranced by your presentation.”

On behalf of the staff, children and parents at North American martyrs School, I want to thank you for your incredible presentation during Red ribbon Week. The message that you presented was powerful. More importantly, though, was the way you had the children literally entranced by your presentation. It included the very delicate message I n a fun, “magical” way. It was a big success!!

Annette Waldren, PTG President, North American Martyrs School

My name is Jason Christopher and I'm a professional speaker and entertainer with over 25 years of experience. I specialize in creating educational programs for schools.  




During this 45 minute presentation your students will learn: Bully avoidance strategies, why having high self-esteem is important in the fight against bullies, who to find for help, how to handle peer pressure, and more. 

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Jason Christopher--Entertainer and Motivator

P.S. I provide 5 different elementary school show assemblies and 4 Middle School / High School Assemblies guaranteed to get your students involved and having fun, while teaching important, life-long lessons, at the same time. Don't forget my magic show fundraiser and stage hypnosis show fundraisers for FUN ways to raise money for your school! Click the links below for more details...

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